Mrduvets Bespoke Bedding Service

Welcome to Bespoke With Mrduvets. You will sit a Private exclusive consultation, speaking about products, the process & how the bespoke bedding service works. We can hand pick the materials discussed, we can start basic by adding your initials, picking your thread colour, you can design every detail and so much more. This is your very own master piece. From Bespoke Pillowcases, Cushions, Bed Throws, Sheets & even Dressing Gowns.
The price of the bedding sets and any items listed depends on the fabric selected. We have a wide selection of fabrics. We use pure wool, cashmere, Cotton, Leather Suede, Egyptian Cotton, Velvet & Silk. If you require materials which are not listed, this isn’t a problem as we can source the finest materials from all over the world. We can go as far as real gold threads to diamond embedded pillowcases.
All products are proxy and hand made in the U.K. within a 3-4 week time frame (dependent on design sooner) Express orders are accommodated within 14 working days at a 30% surcharge to the regular price.